Who’s Who in the Making A Murderer World

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Teresa Halbach: Photographer Teresa Halbach disappeared on October 31, 2005; her reported last known appointment was a meeting with Avery, at his home on the grounds of Avery’s Auto Salvage, to photographa vehicle. Halbach’s vehicle was found partially concealed in the salvage yard, and bloodstains recovered from its interior allegedly matched Avery’s DNA. Investigators later erroneously identified charred bone fragments found in a burn pit near Avery’s home as Halbach’s.


Steven Avery: Steven Avery, from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder in 1985. After serving 18 years of a 32-year sentence, he was exonerated by DNA testing and released. In 2003, Avery filed a $36-million civil lawsuit against Manitowoc County, its former sheriff, and its former district attorney for wrongful conviction and imprisonment. In November 2005, with his civil suit still pending, he was arrested for the murder of a Wisconsin photographer and in 2007 was tried, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole.
Brendan Dassey: Brendan Dassey, from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin was convicted of being party, at age 16, to first-degree murder, mutilation of a corpse, and second-degree sexual assault. He was sentenced to life in prison, with the earliest possibility of parole in 2048. His videotaped interrogation and confession, which he recanted at trial, contributed to his conviction In August 2016, a federal magistrate judge ruled that Dassey’s confession had been coerced, overturned his conviction, and ordered him released, which was delayed during appeal. In June 2017, a divided panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit affirmed the magistrate‚Äôs order overturning Dassey’s conviction. In December 2017, the full en banc Seventh Circuit upheld Dassey’s conviction by a vote of 4-3, with the majority finding that the police had properly obtained Dassey’s confession.

Truthers: Believers in Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s innocence
Guilters: Believers in Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s guilt


Tricia Bushnell: – Tricia Bushnell, of the Midwest Innocent Project, is a part of Kathleen Zellner’s team, working to exonerate Steven Avery of the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach
Jerome Buting: Steven Avery’s attorney
Steven Drizin: post-conviction attorney for Brendan Dassey
Robert Dvorak: post-conviction attorney for Brendan Dassey
Ray Edelstein: Brendan Dassey, appointed lawyer (second lawyer)
Tom Fallon: Prosecutor in Brendan Dassey’s trial
Jerome Fox: he Manitowoc County judge who presided over the trial of Brendan Dassey
Mark Fremgen: Brendan Dassey, appointed lawyer (second lawyer)
Stephen Glynn: Civil rights lawyer for Steven Avery
Robert Henak: post-conviction attorney for Steven Avery
Len Kachinsky: Brendan Dassey’s first appointed lawyer
Walt Kelly: Civil rights lawyer for Steven Avery
Ken Kratz: a lawyer and the former district attorney of Calumet County, Wisconsi
Laura Nirider: post-conviction attorney for Brendan Dassey
Dean Strang: Steven Avery’s attorney
Angela Sutkiewicz: Judge at Wisconsin Circuit Court
Denis Vogel: former Manitowoc County District Attorney; prosecuted Steven Avery in the Penny Beerntsen sexual assault case.
Patrick Willis: Circuit Court judge in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin; presided over the Steven Avery homicide trial in 2007
Kathleen Zellner: one of the most successful trial lawyers of our time, has worked extensively in wrongful conviction advocacy.


Avery Salvage Yard: Ground Zero
CASO/CCSO/Cal. Co: Calumet Sheriff’s Office
MCSO: Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office


Allen Avery: Steven Avery’s father
Dolores Avery: Steven Avery’s mother
Chuck Avery: Steven Avery’s brother
Earl Avery: Steven Avery’s brother
Barb Janda/Tadych: Steven Avery’s sister
Blaine Dassey:
Bobby Dassey:
Bryan Dassey:
Brad Dassey:
Tom Janda:
Scott Tadych:


Mike Halbach:


Andrew Colborn: Manitowoc County Officer
Tom Fassbender: lead investigator, Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation
Tom Kocourek: Manitowoc County Sheriff
Dan Kucharski: Calumet County deputy
James Lenk: Manitowoc County Sheriff’s detective
Jerry Pagel: Former Calumet County Sheriff
Kenneth Peterson: Manitowoc County Sheriff
Dave Remiker: Manitowoc County detective
Mark Wiegert: lead investigator, Calumet County


Sherry Culhane:
Rodney Pevytoe:


John DeHaan:
Bennett Gershman:
Lucien Haag:
Christopher Palenik:
Larry Blum:
Gregg McCrary:
Steven Symes:
Stuart James:
Karl Reich:


Pete Baetz:
Bear: Steven Avery’s dog; German Sherpherd or shepher mix
Penny Beerntsen:
Scott Bloedorn:
Mark E:
Sandra Greenman: ex-fiancee and continued supporter of Steven Avery
Travis Groelle:
Lynn Hartman: ex-fiancee of Steven Avery
Ryan Hillegas:
Mark H:
Loof: Bloodhound
Mike O’Kelly:
Dawn Pliszka: Employee of Autotrader
Joshua Radandt:
Dennis Rabas:
Eugene Rabas:
Steve Schmitz:
Angela Schuster: Employee of Autotrader
Nikole Sturm: Pam Sturm’s daughter
Pam Sturm: Distant Halbach relative; found the RAV along w/Nikole Sturm
George Zipperer:
Joellen Zipperer: