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Steven Avery Trial Transcripts and Documents – All of the documents here from the 2007 murder trial State of Wisconsin v. Avery, Steven A.; case number 2005CF000381. These are public records obtained from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin; as of May 2016 there are nearly 250 exhibit photos and 450 documents from the investigation and trial. The TRUTH is in these pages

SubReddit TickTock Manitowoc – TickTockManitowoc is a place to examine case files, review evidence and discuss theories. The users prefer facts about the case rather than fantasy when it comes to evidence and narratives. Most users are also interested in finding the truth about the facts of the case and seek justice for Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

Protocols Ignored, Evidence Mishandled in Teresa Halbach Investigation

Scrutinizing the Bone Evidence

Allegations Suggest Teresa Halbach’s “Bones” Might Not Actually Have Been Hers

Experts Say the Steven Avery Case Was Tainted