Avery's Blood in the RAV

But the BLOOD!!!!

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The latest and greatest (and final) rallying cry of Avery Innocence denialists is that the blood “discovered” in Halbach’s vehicle is proof of Avery’s guilt. They state that no one contests the fact that it’s Avery’s blood. That is a fact. Even Zellner agrees that Avery’s blood is in the RAV. But until Zellner is […]

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Conflict of Interest in Manitowoc County

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Despite telling the public that Manitowoc would recuse themselves due to conflict of interest, Calumet Co. allowed employees of MCSO to participate in the investigation of Teresa Halbach’s disappearance. In fact, Manitowoc Co employees were on-scene when nearly every key piece of evidence was found. Why did then Calumet County Sheriff Jerry Pagel find it […]

Wiping A Vehicle

Wiping the RAV Clean

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That’s the thing I’ve been thinking about since the hood latch- wiping the RAV clean. With scientific testing getting exponentially more sophisticated, would it be POSSIBLE to wipe the RAV down without detection? If it’s possible to discover the ratio of road grime/pollen isn’t quantitatively in line with what should be there, wouldn’t it be […]