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K9 Loof indicated on a body of water two times

DISCLAIMER: The post below was NOT written by me (Lickity Snickum), it is copied verbatim, and with permission, from poster(s) on Reddit subs Making a Murderer and TickTockManitowoc

This is Part 2 in a series of posts by Reddit poster magilla39 that specifically looks at the evidence that was found during the investigation into Teresa Halbach’s murder.

I’ll be posting more investigational posts from others in the future.

K9 Loof indicated on a body of water two times. Could there still be evidence in the quarry field?

In an earlier post I suggested that K9 Loof may have shown the path from the Radandt deer camp to Steven’s burn pit, by which Teresa’s cremains may have been planted. During K9 Loof’s Track 6 (see BLOODHOUND TRACKS [Scent Dogs Report] ~ K9 Loof & Oficer Sarah Fauske ~ 5-8 Nov, 2005 for full details),

“K9 Loof worked down into the quarry going northeast, indicating on a body of water by going in two times.”

The location of the K9 Loof’s dips into the pond were recorded with “X” marks on the track map provided in the report and shown on the left in the figure below. The right side of the figure shows the current satellite map of the quarry field. If the bone planters took this path across the quarry field, perhaps they cleaned their buckets in the water or spilled part of the cremains in this location.

K9 Loof Track 6 on the left; Current Google Satellite View on the right

Is it possible that an excavation of this location might still find evidence of the bone planter’s misdeeds that night? Any findings at this location, corroborated by the contemporaneous scent dog tracks, might be highly exculpatory for Steven, don’t you think? To paraphrase Buting and Strang, “No one would plant cremains in their own backyard.”

And what ever happened to the missing deer camp trailer?