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The case of the magically appearing scent:

DISCLAIMER: The post below was NOT written by me (Lickity Snickum), it is copied verbatim, and with permission, from poster(s) on Reddit subs Making a Murderer and TickTockManitowoc

This is Part 1 in a series of posts by Reddit poster magilla39 that specifically looks at the evidence that was found during the investigation into Teresa Halbach’s murder.

I’ll be posting more investigational posts from others in the future.

Nothing on 11/07/2005 for K9 Loof’s Track 5, but strong indication that the source of the scent is within 25 yards on 11/08/2005 for Track 6

For the best link to the Loof Tracks report use:

On 11/07/2005 at 1:30pm, Loof led her handler from Steven’s home to the Kuss Road cul de sac, where the track was cut off due to the investigation of the possible burial site. Later that day, Loof was allowed to try to investigate the area again, which yielded Loof Track #5, shown below.

Track 5 on 11/07/2005, No interest in trail to the Deer Camp

At that time, Loof had no interest in pursuing the path to the Radandt Deer Camp, and the track ended near the excavated site containing the peat moss.However, the next day, the handler had Loof follow Track #3 again, and this time “K9 Loof entered the cul-de-sac and continued to work southwest on the gravel access road, coming out by the hunting trailers.” Why hadn’t Loof done this the day before?

Track 6 on 11/08/2005, Strong interest in path to Deer Camp leading back to edge of Steven’s property
Track 6 Handler’s Report

As the handler indicated, K9 Loof detected the source of the scent within 25 yards, apparently it was strong on the property line, and then she was interested in the burn pit!Track 6 was taken at 8:56 am on 11/08/2005, and consists of three distinct parts:

  1. First, Loof tries to recreate Track 3, starting at Steven’s home he tracks along the quarry edge to the Kus Road cul de sac.
  2. Next, Loof catches a trail from the cul-de-sac to the deer camp, and then follows it back to the edge of Steven’s property, where I believe he is detecting the path of the bone planters, which incidentally, he did not detect during Track 5 on 11/07/2005, where he sniffed around the same area.
  3. The third leg shown here, is where Loof is led away from Steven’s house and tracks from the Conveyor road to the site of the RAV4 (highlighted in another post). I believe this is the path the planter took to leave the RAV4.

Regarding the area of highest interest, Loof’s handler said, “On the berm K9 Loof was having a high level of indication. In my experience and training with K9 Loof her body language was indicating the source of scent was within 25 yards of our current location. K9 Loof was in a pool of strong scent.”

Why was a strong scent there on 11/08/2005 and not during Track 5, on 11/07/2005? Why indeed!

Did K9 Loof prove that materials were planted in the burn pit after 11/07/2005? I think so!