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Bone Evidence – Pt 3

DISCLAIMER: The post below was NOT written by me (Lickity Snickum), it is copied verbatim, and with permission, from poster(s) on Reddit subs Making a Murderer and TickTockManitowoc

This is Part 3 in a series of posts by reddit poster strawberryfealds that specifically looks at the evidence that was found during the investigation into Teresa Halbach’s murder.

I’ll be posting all four parts of his series this week.

Clarifying how the piles of ash and debris were planted in Avery’s pit after his Halloween fire

ELI 5 picture of the ash/debris/bone on top the day Ertl sifted, and the hard, smooth, Halloween tire/soil, pyrolysis of garbage surface that’s seen two days later

The titles of Parts 1 and 2 say it all. There was no human bone recovered from either of the areas that were talked about at trial. Avery’s Halloween fire was long dried and hardened before the ash and debris were placed on top of it at some point between November 1st and November 5th before police took over the property. There was no tire residue on any of the bones from the top of Avery’s pit, no smell of any other accelerant, thus why the State could not argue the primary burn location with reasons other than “quantity of bones”. Of the hundreds of bone fragments recovered from the investigation, none of them had any tire residue or rubber smell. That says something.

About the steel tire wire, Prosecutor Kratz writes in his book about the steel tire wire and the “fragments” that were intertwined in the tires. During trial, more than one of his witnesses mentioned the “fragments” in the tire wire but it’s never specifically said they are human. That’s good, because back tracing the human bone tag numbers to their origin reveals that the “fragments” that are mentioned multiple times at trial shows none of them came from the tire wire either. They wanted to insinuate the fragments were human bone, but the prosecution’s perceptions (in this case) are usually not reality.

Below we will break down where all of the clothing rivets, zippers, and other pieces came from and you’ll see just how none of them came from or were burned in Avery’s Halloween Fire. As a matter of fact, you’ll see that one of the Janda barrels contained these metal clothing pieces, in addition to the human bones (with cuts) that you know about from Part 1.

List of major “Sources” of clothing pieces:

Tag No Date Tag(s) Created Description Source
7923 Nov 8 Taken from the top of the 4×5 burn area, this is the brown tarp with burnt material, originally obtained by Ertl and crew on November 8 from the central pile of ash and debris and other debris scattered above the tire crust from halloween that is described by sturdivant. The items on 7923 are the items that fell through the sifting process and did not end up in 8318 (the box of bones taken to Dr Bennett). 7923 was bagged and sealed when it got too dark on November 8, and was not opened again until the morning of November 10. Ash and Debris on top of Avery’s pit
7947 Nov 11 This tag is a pile of ash and debris recovered south of the burn pit on November 11th during the excavation. Surrounding area of Avery’s pit, not in the burn area.
7922 Nov 8 This tag is Janda Barrel #4. These were the group of barrels behind the Dassey residence. This barrel contained the dirty shop rag that looks like the one in the RAV 4 engine, human bones. This barrel was also brought back to the Avery yard on November 7th, and placed directly next to Avery’s electronics barrel for hours on end. This barrel is also the one that contained a glass piece from an electronics board. Janda Barrel #4

Clothing pieces recovered from the top of Avery’s hardened Halloween fire residue:

Tag No Date Found Time Found Description Source
8119 Dec 19 05 7:12pm Clothing Rivet 7923 – Tarp from Top of Averys pit
8120 Dec 19 05 5:30pm Clothing Rivet 7923 – Tarp from Top of Averys pit
8121 Dec 19 05 6:22pm Clothing Rivet 7923 – Tarp from Top of Averys pit
8122 Dec 19 05 7:30pm Clothing Rivet 7923 – Tarp from Top of Averys pit
8124 Dec 19 05 7:49pm Clothing Rivet 7923 – Tarp from Top of Averys pit

Clothing pieces scattered around the grassy area near Avery’s burn pit, but not in it:

Tag No Date Found Time Found Description Source
8138 Dec 20 05 9:06am Zipper Pull. I could not find a photo of this. 7947 – items collected to the south of Avery’s pit
8143 Dec 20 05 9:40am Clothes Snap. I could not find a photo of this. 7947 – items collected to the south of Avery’s pit
8149 Dec 20 05 N/A Clothes snap 7947 – items collected to the south of Avery’s pit

Clothing pieces found in Janda Barrel #4:

Tag No Date Found Time Found Description Source
8160 Dec 20 05 2:05pm Multiple metal clothing pieces. You can see the same rivet design as found on and around Avery’s pit. 7922 – Janda Barrel #4

Clothing rivets recovered from inside of Avery’s Halloween fire residue that was broken apart on November 10th (and soil samples from burn pit):

Tag No Date Found Time Found Description Source
None N/A N/A None None

As you can see above, none of the metal clothing pieces, clasps, buttons, rivets came from the Halloween fire residue. These rivets were always mentioned as an attempt to further “prove” Teresa Halbach was burned in Avery’s pit. However, that is clearly not the case. Avery’s Halloween fire had some brush, garbage, and tires in it.

First we tracked the human bones and realized none came from that fire. Then we tracked the human bones to the steel tire wire and saw that none came from there. Now, we see that the clothing rivets so liberally tossed out as proof of something (whatever it is) were never actually in the Halloween fire residue either. They were, however, in a burning barrel located near Avery’s neighbor that also had an electronic board, clothing pieces, a dirty shop rag, and human bones with cuts. The items in this barrel are consistent with some of the items found in the quarry piles.

Simply put, the items on top (including ash/debris/bones, aluminum and plastic garbage) are the last items that had interaction with Avery’s pit. The dried, hardened, undisturbed, smooth Halloween crust that was under the pile of ash/debris/bones are the second to last item to have interaction with Avery’s pit, aka before the ash/debris/bones were dumped there.

I hope this research can finally put to rest the misinformation about the clothing rivets and where they actually came from. We now know Teresa’s bones weren’t in that Halloween fire or the steel tire wire, and neither were her clothes.