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Bone Evidence – Pt 2

DISCLAIMER: The post below was NOT written by me (Lickity Snickum), it is copied verbatim, and with permission, from poster(s) on Reddit subs Making a Murderer and TickTockManitowoc

This is Part 2 in a series of posts by reddit poster strawberryfealds that specifically looks at the evidence that was found during the investigation into Teresa Halbach’s murder.

I’ll be posting all four parts of his series this week.

Number of Human bones that were “intertwined” in the steel tire wire: Zero

Another Perceptive Fallacy brought to you by the State of Wisconsin? Let’s look.

When discussing the burn pit, you sometimes see an argument be raised that goes something like ‘tHeY FoUNd bOnES iN ThE tiRE wIrE”! when making a claim as to why they believe Avery’s pit was the primary burn location. That’s a silly argument to begin with, because it’s just a junk science explanation to the lay people who are either too busy or lazy to further research on their own as to if they are being hoodwinked. Nobody likes being hoodwinked. Whether it be by something they see on TV, or something they see in the court room. Only difference is, The court room can potentially cost two innocent men their lives.

Just so we know what “tire wires” we are talking about, read this:

A. This would be east, correct? Okay. The bone fragment — One was out here. There were bone fragments intertwined in the steel belts, um —

Q. Now, those belts are hard to see, um, but I think the material you’re referring to as — as belts almost looks like a — a tumbleweed or a bramble bush or something?

But where was this tire wire and bones argument born from? For that, I searched through testimony.

Sturdivant said:

A. After looking at the bone fragment, I then walked towards this burn pit. So I walked from the bone — from the, uh — the piece of bone fragment out here to the burn pit. I looked at the burn pit. I observed what I thought were other bone fragments in and around that burn pit. I picked up a twig. I moved some leaves and other things, and I could see other bone fragments within that — within the charred debris. Um, I noticed what I believed to be, uh, skull fragments, uh, in that debris and intertwined within the steel-belted tires.


A. The bone fragments were concentrated within the pit, but there were some bone fragments intertwined within the steel belts, and I — so the — the — the bulk of — of the debris, or bone fragments, were located within the pit.

Pevytoe said:

A. Yes, just off to the side of the burn pit there was a large ball of intertwined wire that was present. And then there was also the metal remains of what I thought was the — like a back seat of a SUV type vehicle that had been removed and that also was burned.


A. Yes, the wire is consistent with what I have seen in the past in other fires. And it’s the wire that remains after steel belted radial tires are burned. So we had this large groupings of oval shaped wires, so to speak, that were all entwined. And in examining those, I noticed that there was some bone fragmentation entangled in the wires, so we attempted to photograph that and recover those items also. And eventually took the whole tangled wires and that rear car seat that I had mentioned.

Kratz said:

But more importantly, he found the bones, the small bone fragments intertwined, or mixed in with the steel belt from tires. All right. The bones being intertwined and mixed in is the State’s, or one of the State’s, strongest argument for this being the primary burn site.


Mr. Pevytoe, as you heard, however, also recalled that the bone fragments were intertwined with the steel belts and, I believe, rendered similar opinions as to the primary burn site.

So you see, all witnesses are careful to describe just what we see in the picture above. Bones, simply intertwined within the metal belts.

If we take the tire wire arguement on it’s face, it seems like an honest try and honest belief to want to use that argument as a reason for Avery’s pit being the primary burn area. However, that’s why there are people called “experts” that give real reasons as to why something is not like it was said to be. In this case, let’s take DeHaan’s (Godly fire expert) opinion on these tire wires that are ever so commonly brought into debate:

DeHaan said:

It is my opinion that the State’s theory was also incorrect in its assertion that burned bones were intertwined with metal belts resulting from the burning of tires with the body. (Item 28: TT:3/14:99). The State represented to the jury that the bones were fused with the metal belts in a manner that suggested that the tires from which the steel belts came were burned with the body in Mr. Avery’s bum pit. Based upon my review of photographs taken on November 8, 2005 and November 10, 2005, on the occasion of the second excavation of Steven A very’ s bum pit, the bone fragments appear to simply be mixed among the metal belts. I have had personal experience with burning steel-belted automobile tires in combination with human bodies. During fire exposure, the steel multi-strand wires degrade, break, and fray to form bristles that readily trap any material coming into contact with them, during or after the fire. Small calcined bone fragments are especially easy to trap. This has been observed in test fires where the tires were under or alongside a burned body as well as on top.


The “bum pit” may have been used previously to dispose of tires (and the oily, black residue described by SIA Pevytoe as lining the pit in his excavation of 10 Nov 2005 would support that), so there was no evidence that the entrapment of the debris occurred during the fire that consumed the remains.

So even DeHaan says the bones weren’t fused, or melted, or anything but simply mixed in with the belts. So, the strongest argument for the State doesn’t seem to be strong at all.

DeHaan blows away the “State’s strongest example” with his affidavit, and explains why simply intertwined objects aren’t enough to claim the tires were used to facilitate the burning of those objects. Plus, don’t forget the tire residue being present and unbroken, 2 days after all relevant human bones are shoveled up from above the Halloween fire residue.

But what were those things actually IN the tire wire? Were they human bone after all? Well..

The Wire tag number is #7946. Nothing human was obtained from 7946. If you want proof, just look at this post here

Another Perceptive Fallacy brought to you by the State of Wisconsin, and brought down by citizens wanting to know the FACTS.

I hope that settles it. I can’t wait to see what other arguments are left and thought of in the future.