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Kratz’s Pathetic Attempt to Sway the Wisconsin Governor

You can watch this pathetic piece of disinformation here, if you wish. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Filled with lies than can be disproven by even the simplest of research, this poorly made video is a blatantly disgusting example of self-serving propaganda. Ken Kratz has tried numerous times and ways to interject himself into every facet of the Avery/Dassey case, attempting in vain to relive what was undoubtedly the highlight of his pathetic life.

He shows clips of Brendan Dassey’s interrogation that seem to indicate that Dassey is confessing to a crime, but conveniently leaves out the more numerous parts (those that were actually recorded) where Wiegert and Fassbender literally put words into Dassey’s mouth, haranguing him until he finally said what they wanted him to say.

They state’s own expert, John Ertl, testified that there was not only no evidence of human blood in the filthy garage, but there was no evidence of the clean-up of a crime scene. He only says that it could be cleaned up by someone with his own knowledge.

Q (Fallon). But it would be — Is it possible, based on your training and experience, for instance, to have a pool of blood and, say, on a garage floor, have it cleaned up to such an extent that you would not get a reaction to a phenolphthalein test?

A (Ertl). Well, knowing what I know, I could probably do it. Bleach would be a good thing, some sort of peroxide would be a good way to get rid of the red color. The bleach would destroy the blood and the DNA

Q (Fallon). So it’s possible?
A (Ertl). It’s possible, yes.

Q (Fallon). Roughly 3 to 4 foot diameter area. Faintly glowing under the luminol. No specific spots or stains. Couldn’t see anything with the lights on. Just swabbed several places where the luminol had been reacting, tested with phenolphthalein and did not get a reaction with the phenolphthalein.

Q (Buting). And you saw no evidence of [blood splatter] in Mr. Avery’s garage either, did you?
A (Ertl). That’s correct.

This pathetic and amateur little video desperately asks viewers: “If Brendan was at Avery’s trailer between 3:45 and 5pm on October 31, what did he do for over an hour?”

He could have done anything, but no one who was there that evening saw him and Avery going back and forth from the trailer to the garage with or without a body, back and forth from the garage to the burn pit with a body (on a goddamn garage creeper if memory serves), or a pile of clothing or anything else.

So many things can be picked and chosen to fit the State’s garbage theory, but when lined up one after another next to the actual testimony of anyone on the Avery property that afternoon it’s clear that the State’s theory doesn’t stand up.

Kratz then asks: “If no, why did he tell his mother he was over there before she got home at 5pm?” Because they (Wiegert and Fassbender) got into his head. They told him to call his mother and tell her the truth before they did.

And of course, at the end of this masterpiece there’s a shameless plug for Kratz’s POS fictional account of what happened to Teresa Halbach.

Should I point out the “spooky” soundtrack, no doubt meant to sway viewers to Kratz’ point of view?