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Unmaking A Murderer, Exclusive Interview with Brendan Dassey and Laura Nirider

I am listening to Un‑making A Murderer the only interview ever conducted with Brendan Dassey. The first thing that strikes me is that Brendan is no longer the naive 16 year old special needs kid that was interrogated by Fassbender and Weigert; the voice I’m hearing is that of a grown man.

Of course he is – he’ll be 30 years old on October 19.

Where did you spend your 30th birthday? Did you go out to eat with your wife and kids? Did your family throw you a party? Did you buy yourself a car, make a down payment on a house?

Be thankful for your life. Whether by design or due to willful ignorance, Brendan’s life was stolen from him when he was convinced to confess to a crime he didn’t commit.

Hundreds of thousands of people, after extensive research into the details of the case, believe in Brendan’s innocence. We believe in his innocence because of facts that were kept from the jury and the public during the investigation and trial.

“Don’t stop saying Brendan Dassey’s name. Let’s get him home” ~ Laura Nirider

The only person in the world with the power to release Brendan Dassey is Gov Evers.

“Keep fighting for me and keep showing your support” ~ Brendan Dassey