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The Difference Between Good and Evil

Good people, those who believe in justice and doing the right thing, take time out of their lives in an attempt to draw attention to wrongs that may have been done to others. They spend hours doing research and sharing factual evidence in an attempt to shed light on a horrific injustice. They drive or fly hundreds of miles to make their stand. They take JOY and pleasure in spending time with each other and supporting and encouraging the loved ones of those who’ve been wronged.

On Saturday, June 15 a group of good and loyal supporters of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey and their family met in front of the courthouse in downtown Manitowoc, WI in an attempt to shed light and share information on the wrongful convictions of Avery and Dassey.

Then you have the evil. Those that their faces hide behind fake names and insults. they can’t be bothered to fight the truth with facts that support their claims, they insult and call names and pile lie on top of lie.

SAIG’s goal is to humiliate and insult the people who are searching for the truth about how Teresa Halbach lost her life. They ignore FACTS that have been uncovered since the trial ended in 2007.

They spew insults about Kathleen Zellner’s wardrobe, they claim she is stupid and an alcoholic. The SAIGers refer to Dolores Avery as a goblin and Brendan Dassey as a potato.

Then you have that one who’s lack of pride and yearning for the spotlight makes her stoop to most disgusting of levels.