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But the BLOOD!!!!

The latest and greatest (and final) rallying cry of Avery Innocence denialists is that the blood “discovered” in Halbach’s vehicle is proof of Avery’s guilt. They state that no one contests the fact that it’s Avery’s blood. That is a fact. Even Zellner agrees that Avery’s blood is in the RAV. But until Zellner is allowed access to the vehicle there is no supporting evidence that Avery was the one who deposited that blood in Halbach’s vehicle. Conveniently, Zellner has not been allowed access to the vehicle. The only piece of “evidence” from the RAV that she’s had access to is a small piece of fabric from the seat of the vehicle.

From an Avery denialist on Reddit:

Why do some believe all and others only half?

How come guilters believe that DNA in the PB case is accurate and DNA in the TH case is accurate? When it comes to truthers they believe the DNA in the PB case is accurate and the DNA in the TH case to be false. Why is that? DNA evidence is pretty hard to fudge.

I am an Avery supporter who sees that the blood could have been planted or exchanged at any time during the “investigation”, no Ninjas necessary. The RAV and Avery’s vehicle were being examined in the same space at the same time, that is a FACT. The blood evidence from Avery’s vehicle is what one would expect from someone who was freely bleeding while in the vehicle. The blood in the RAV does NOT match what would be expected. None of the blood “evidence” in the RAV has ever been supported by anyone who can be considered unbiased.

There is not one piece of “DNA” in the Halbach case that was legitimately discovered, examined or confirmed by an unbiased source.

Why is the blood the final rallying cry? Because they have nothing else to hold up and they know the blood evidence in the RAV is safe – for now.

Avery's Blood in Halbach's vehicle?