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Facts? There Are No Hard Facts

Diehard anti-Avery stalwarts, whether they have an actual dog in the hunt, are paid ringers or just people who get a bang in their wang from flexing what they consider their superior brain power in an anonymous Internet message board, claim that FACTS put Steven Avery behind bars.

The only real facts in the case is that there are no real facts. There is a slip-sliding, collection of circumstantial evidence, but there is not ONE real, hard substantiated fact that proves Steven Avery murdered Teresa Halbach.

Various “FACTS” bandied about the anti-Avery community:

FACT #1: Teresa Halbach’s last appointment was at Steven Avery’s request and with him.
Steven Avery has never denied making the appointment that brought Teresa Halbach to Avery Salvage, however, new evidence has come to light that it’s not only possible, but probable that her appointment with Steven Avery was NOT Teresa Halbach’s last stop of the day.

New witnesses have come forth via verified affidavits with information that Halbach was actually observed leaving the property. Other witnesses, also making statements under penalty of perjury, claim they not only observed her vehicle away from the Avery property in 2005, but they had reported these sightings to the authorities at the time.

FACT #2: Steven Avery’s story has repeatedly changed regarding his interaction with her.
Minor details of the afternoon of October 31, 2005 have changed over the years, but Avery’s story has been structurally the same for over a decade.

FACT #3: Steven Avery lied about his entire night after her appointment.
See above

FACT #4: Teresa Halbach’s vehicle was found on Steven Avery’s family property.
The fact that Halbach’s RAV was on Avery property is not disputed. What is questionable is WHY it wasn’t visible in the flyover and where it was between 3pm on November 4 and 10:30am on November 5, 2005. Curtis Drumm stated, when questioned by Kratz as to whether they “found” a Toyota RAV on November 4, 2005, replied: “Not that I’m aware of. If the investigators saw something, they didn’t tell me.”

So the deal is if Pagel and Baldwin were looking for the car that day and didn’t see it, either they weren’t paying attention or it wasn’t there.

Next point, if it wasn’t THERE, where was it on November 4, 2005? It’s been suggested that it was in Avery’s garage. Okay, Friday, Nov 4th was a business day. Around 3pm, Avery hung out with his brother in the “pit”. At 4pm, David Beach stopped by to talk to Steve and hung up a missing person’s poster. WBAY was there to interview Avery for the 6pm broadcast, so let’s say they got there at 5ish. The interview was only a few minutes on the broadcast but lasted eight minutes in total. There has to be at least a half an hour for tear-down time.

Between 6-7pm, Bobby and his friend were cleaning a deer. During that time frame, Steve walked over to Barb’s garage and hung out while Bobby and his friend were fooling with the deer.

Chuck called Steve around 8pm or so to tell him that he’d seen headlights going into the “pit”. Steve and Bobby drove Steve’s truck down into the “pit” to investigate.

On Saturday, November 4, 2005, Steve, Dolores and Bryan Dassey left for the Crivitz property between 7:30-7:45am, arriving in Crivitz about 8:20am.

When during that time-frame would Avery have had time or opportunity to move and camouflage the RAV without being noticed?

Final question for today: who would have had time, opportunity and knowledge of the Yard to move and camouflage the RAV between 8pm November 4, 2005 and 10:30am November 5, 2005???

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