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The Gun | So … About That .22

Before I get started on this next series of posts, I’d like to point out that NOTHING I say here, on Twitter or on Facebook matters. Nothing ANYBODY says means jack-squat. Anything said on the Internet in regards to Avery’s guilt or innocence is pure speculation, no matter who you say you are.

My goal is to correct the LIES that are purposely spread across Social Media. What I THINK and what is FACT are two different things.

Carry on …

Over the holidays I finally went through and sorted out the bottomless pit of bookmarks I’ve collected about the Halbach/Avery case over the past year. Even after deleting duplicates, I still have a shitload. I came across several articles written about that gun – you know, the one that fired those bullets that “killed” Teresa Halbach. Yeah, THAT gun.

Direct quote from an anti-Avery individual:Evidence establishing Halbach was shot with Avery’s gun and that the wounds were in a location where she would not be able to survive is sufficient to prove she was shot with Avery’s gun.

Copper Plated Hollow Core BulletsJerome Buting, Rolling Stone: “This single bullet that was recovered from the garage had her apparent DNA on it was a flattened bullet, it was not a pristine bullet where you could see the, clear tool marks. And so, you know, Mr. Kratz wants to argue that there was proof that that bullet came from the .22 rifle that was found in Mr. Avery’s trailer, but that’s not really the case. It was similar, but they could not completely exclude any other gun.”

William Newhouse, Wisconsin State Crime Lab: “And the fact of the matter is, I cannot specify exactly what gun this bullet (FK, Exhibit 276) was fired in, again, because I don’t have those small stria, those scratches on the bullet surface, that I can use for that kind of conclusion […] based just on the class characteristics on Exhibit 276, I know it was fired in some gun, among a group of guns, thousands of guns, if you like, tens of thousands of guns, that were manufactured with 16 lands and grooves and a right hand twist, and were .22 caliber. And I can be no more specific than that, based on what we have left on this bullet.”

Item FL was never tested for blood, but contained a (now questionable) DNA profile matching Halbach’s. Item FK, the other bullet fragment, had insufficient DNA to be tested.

So which bullet, exactly, was proven to have been shot into Halbach’s head?

Newhouse dances around so much that he could be winning contestant on “American Bandstand” (look that up millennials, it’s something that existed before you did, believe it or not)

Gun From Over Avery's BedDirect quote from an anti-Avery individual: “There is no such thing as telling when a gun was last fired. All you can do is determine is if the barrel had been cleaned after it was last fired. Those who say they can tell how recently a gun was fired by smelling it etc are full of crap.”

I’ve read that ballistics cleared the .22 and they stated that dust had formed on top of the gun (I don’t get this – it was in a quilted case) and had not been fired recently. However, I cannot find any record or report indicating this? Does one exist? If so, where is it? If not, why not? Isn’t that what investigators do? Check to see if a weapon suspected in a murder had been recently fired?

Does testing exist that CAN tell if a firearm was recently fired?

Direct quote from an anti-Avery individual: “He destroyed the body so there was no way they could remove bullets form her body and match them to the gun thus he saw no reason to get rid of it.”

Research, both online and personally, makes me believe that if a .22 fired from a rifle entered Halbach’s body, it would likely not exit the body. William Newhouse testified items FL and FK were copper jacketed bullets. Copper has a melting point of over 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. No bullets were found in the fire pit. Where are those bullets?

While there’s no proof of wrong-doing on the part of Lenk and Colborn, it IS suspicious that the bullet fragments (as well as other items of circumstantial evidence) were found by Lenk and/or Colborn, after not being found after thorough searches by impartial agencies.

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