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My Theory from November 16, 2016

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I posted this theory shortly after discovering Reddit’s TickTockManitowoc; I was still in a state of disbelief that there were people all over the world who believed what I’d believed since November 2005 – that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey had been framed for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Like a good defense attorney’s case, my theory has evolved, but the BASE is still the same.

LE has been watching SA closely for at least six months, as the big payday inches ever closer. They need to catch him doing something that will make getting that payout all but impossible.

A felon in possession of a firearm – pffft. He’d be in and out.

Remember when it seems as though he’s lying about burning anything up by the house? HE IS. In most municipalities in this area, you’re only allowed to burn trash on certain days of the week, later in the day. When he realized they were looking for something a bit more – deader – than a butter wrapper nd some chicken bones, he told the truth. Better to pay the fine than be blamed.

Then, lo and behold, the unthinkable happened, the one thing LE could never see themselves doing, fell into their lap (and onto SAs property), like a gift.

If any of us thinks for one minute that bunch, one or two at a time, all of the together once or twice, at a bar, working on someone’s truck, playing pool in someone’s basement, haven’t plotted and planned to yank this albatross from around their collective necks, then you don’t spend enough time with a bunch of pissed off men.

So this goes on; half-assed plans tossed around like a football. Jokes made. Ideas considered and rejected. Then, on October 31, 2005, the unthinkable happens. Serendipity. The coincidence of the decade … And my God do they know what to do with that poor girl’s dead body. Do they know? They’ve been tossing around plots and plans for MONTHS You bet they know.


Because just like Boss Hogg and Roscoe, they ain’t the shiniest needle in the pin-cushion. They’ve had a lot of ideas over the past decade, but nothing cooked down to work with what’s just fallen into their lap.

So they cobble a couple of things from their months’ worth of plans, ask their higher power for just a little break please, spread a little money here, make a few mildly worded threats there and holy shit, they got the fucker back behind bars.

Then The Good Witch from the Windy City fires up her Netflix account and they’re hip-deep in dogshit.

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