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Social Engineering – They Really ARE Out to Get Us

Social Engineering:Things you need: an insight into the human mind, thinking how it can be manipulated, knowing how people think or act in certain situations and lastly, I think you need to be very strong socially. I read somewhere it’s not much different from trying to exploit a computer system: making a system (mind) do something it wouldn’t normally do (exploit) by ways of certain input (manipulation) ~ Anonymous Poster on a Board Dedicated to Taking Over Social Media Sites

Why is the subject of “guilters” so important that I’m posting a week long series on who they are, and how to spot them? Many of us don’t KNOW who these people are or why they seem to care so much about this case. Trust me when I say that very few of them have any emotional or intellectual attachment to Avery and Dassey’s guilt or innocence, and those that do have been coached by people who do this for a living. What is “this“? Guilters job is turn the public’s opinion away from the truth. It’s their job to make people question their beliefs.

And sometimes their sanity.

People who believe in Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s innocence have found themselves pounding their heads against the wall of “guilters” for years. Avery supporters want to make these people – guilters – BELIEVE that Avery and Dassey are innocent. Avery supporters can’t understand WHY guilters just can’t SEE the truth. Avery supporters point out facts of blatant lying by the prosecution during the trial and documented falsification of records, as well as disregard for protocol and professional procedure, in the investigation.

The sad truth is that you will NEVER change a guilter’s mind. Guilters don’t CARE that Avery and Dassey are factually innocent. Guilters don’t care that the investigation into Teresa Halbach’s death was a tragedy of errors. Guilters do not CARE that Ken Kratz lied repeatedly, they do not care that nearly every piece of evidence connected to the case is questionable, they do not care that Brendan Dassey, a kid who was barely 16 years old, was coerced and prodded like a hog to the slaughter into giving the most FUCKED UP confession on the history of murder investigations.

They don’t care because it is their JOB to hide the truth, to make anyone who is on the side of innocence look like mental patients and to deride and insult everyone involved on the side of innocence.

Kathleen Zellner, Jerome Buting, Dean Strang, John Ferak, Karl Reich, Bennett Gershmann, Lucien Haag, Christopher Palenik, Larry Blum, Gregg McCrary, Steven Symes, John DeHaan, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, SuperLawyer Magazine.

What do all of these people and publications have in common? They are all respected experts in their field or time honored publications. Every one of them have been called quacks, jokes, liars and accused of having been bought for their fabricated opinions on the Avery/Dassey case.

I’ve debated a long time over whether or not to take this into full on “show me” mode. Looks like I’ve decided.

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