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Guilters – Current Public Dassey/Avery Problem

Guilters Are the Defense’s Biggest Public Problem

While they seem to be losing a bit of traction in the past month, falling back on “facts” from two years ago that have been discredited by solid legal documents and science, “guilters” continue to reference the documentary and the information from that documentary that is being proven wrong.

Guilters continue to claim that Avery supporters were “hoodwinked” by the documentary and that we’re ALL pissed that we were fooled by two filmmakers that did nothing but film FACTS with no cooperation from the prosecution (who NOW are crying that they were misrepresented). Oddly, that very reason is why many “guilters” claim that they switched from believing in Avery’s innocence to his guilt. What kind of idiot admits to being swayed by a 10 hour documentary?

Guilters refer to the trial transcripts and the CASO report and claim they prove Avery’s guilt; the truth is that those documents absolutely DO NOT prove Avery’s guilt. If anything they pose more questions about what the hell went on in Manitowoc county 2005-2007, and in reality PROVE that there were shenanigans afoot on the part of LE and the prosecution. Guilters are counting on the fact that ain’t nobody got time to actually READ those transcripts and reports and the casual reader will take “guilters” word for what they contain.

Fortunately, one of the highest rated and peer-respected exoneration attorneys in the country, along with her team of employees and world-respected experts are combing through over THIRTY boxes of files, reports and transcripts that no one ever believed anyone would take a look at a decade later. They expected no one, let alone Kathleen Zellner, to comb through those boxes.

Who IS Kathleen Zellner? This cannot be explained too much, especially since “guilters” have made a DAILY (sometimes HOURLY) pastime of filling their garbage message board with insults, insinuations and downright lies about the esteemed exoneration attorney. In the 2018 online issue of Super Lawyers, Cook County circuit court judge, Thomas Hogan says Zellner is among the most sophisticated at interacting with a jury.

“Kathleen has a very unique talent for being able to look at the case like the jurors coming into the room would look at the case,” says Hogan, who retired from the bench in 2014. “Then she tailors her arguments to the people who are sitting there; it’s kind of a refinement of her approach. She’s able to make a real connection with the jurors because she doesn’t try to impress them with her intellect. She doesn’t need to do that. She understands that.”

“Guilters” claim that Super Lawyers is a vanity press magazine and that the attorneys included have bought and paid for their inclusion in the magazine. Uh … no. Award winning attorneys are selected using a multiphase selection process.

Just one MORE lie from the keyboards of “guilters”.

Over the next few days, I will be expanding on who the “guilters” REALLY are, where they come from and what their place is in this case.

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