Know Thine Enemy

Consensus Cracking

(look it up for those of you not familiar with the term)

Bring in a newb account to ask seemingly interested and “on the fence” questions. Checking that account’s post history will invariably prove one of three things:

* it’s a brand new account
* it’s an old account with not one bit of interest in the Avery case during the time the account was held
* it’s an account that’s fairly old with absolutely NO post history save comments on this case

It’s very important the the newb account SEEM as though they are looking for answers, no matter which way they lean, guilty or innocent

Cue the current guilters, who will rush in and post their novelettes on WHY Avery is guilty. At some point in the thread a guilter will inevitably point to the poster to and claim that it hold all the facts involved to prove Avery’s guilt.

The truth is NOT to be found on Reddit or in the original Making a Murderer documentary. The truth of Avery’s guilt or innocence is in comprehensive reading and comparison of the trial transcripts, the accompanying reports made by law enforcement at the time of the investigation and timelines comparing the two.

If you are truly interested in whether Avery is guilty or innocent, read the facts and make your own decision