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Guilters Heed Thyself

Guilters are a particularly venomous – wait, venomous suggests “dangerous” and these people are far from dangerous (so far) – guilters are a particularly OPINIONATED group of people in the microcosm of Twitter, Reddit and occasionally Facebook who attempt to sway public opinion on the guilt of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

A handful of them are paid, some of them are coattail hanging, pitiful souls who have aligned themselves with liars in order to feel a part of ANYTHING, because they have no personal life to speak of and some of them just like to play devil’s advocate.

Of the three types of guilters, the last, devil’s advocates, are the least dangerous and least likely to lie. We won’t be bothering ourselves with them today.

It’s said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, in the case of guilters they travel their road to hell on cobbles made of lies; they don’t have a good intention among the lot of them. Their ONLY goal is to make anyone seeking justice in the Avery/Halbach case look like liars, cheats, fools.

Let’s examine the argument made by one particularly vocal guilter, GetPugs/PugLifeRules that Zellner’s experts have been paid to lie. Pugs is a hanger-on, someone who originally aligned herself with Avery family, but was turned out like a leper under unclear circumstances. I would hazard to guess her lies played a part in it.

In a recent debate over the reliability of Stuart H. James, Zellner’s bloodstain pattern analyst, GetPugs maintains that Stuart has been bought and paid for by Zellner. She further states that he became an “expert” for the money, completely ignoring his academic profile and decades of continuing education.

If you’re going to insult someone and denigrate their expertise, integrity and intelligence, have the sense to KNOW who you’re talking about. Pugs belittles the nearly 40+ years the James spend educating others in the science of blood spatter and the fact that he’s consulted on cases in 48 States as well as in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Newfoundland, South Korea and the US Virgin Islands. He has testified in many of these jurisdictions including county, state, federal and military courts. He has instructed at basic and advanced bloodstain pattern analysis courses throughout the United States as well as in foreign countries including Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Aruba. He has also co-authored several text books on forensic science and bloodstain pattern analysis. He’s been the Editor of the Journal of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis since 2011.

As best as I can figure out, Get Pugs/PugLifeRules has no expert experience in ANYTHING. If anyone can point me to information supporting her opinion please feel free to contact me.

Another guilter with no apparent experience in anything but posting biased theories, LordBacon69: chimed in with the opinion that many expert witnesses are full-time expert witnesses. It’s all they do. He too, completely ignores James’ CV. Sitting in courtrooms is clearly NOT Stuart James’ main source of income. He is out in the filed WORKING and learning new facts about his chosen field of work.

Bacon goes on to declare “an attorney tells the expert witness or the expert’s pimp what he wants the expert to to say”. He insinuates that James’ opinion can be molded to fit not the facts, but what Zellner wants him to say. Of course, he never names names, but the end game is the same: he’s intimating that Zellner is a dirty lawyer and James’ knowledge and experience can bought and twisted.

Experts are experts for a reason. Reputable nationwide and worldwide experts, whose experience spans decades, are to be believed before anyone on an Internet message board. They get PAID because they are experts, because the are RESPECTED for their expertise, unbiased opinions and integrity. These experts take pride in their work and in their name. They were learning their craft long before they got paid; their standing in the scientific community is more important than monetary gain. Anyone who believes differently of these particular experts only ever dealt with people whose opinions- right or wrong – can be bought. There are people whose reputation is more important than money.

Still another guilter, TATP1982, a fairly new addition to the ranks, fancies herself expert enough to question not only James’ expert opinion, but to decipher his sworn affidavit:

To a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, the bloodstains attributable to Mr. Avery that were observed in Ms. Halbach’s RA V-4 can be classified as follows: […]Stain produced with an applicator near the ignition.

The stain near the ignition of Ms. Halbach’s RAV-4 was approximately 2.25 inches from the ignition. To a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, Mr. Avery would not have deposited blood at that location with his right middle finger while turning the key in the ignition.

Which clearly indicates that not only was the blood near the ignition NOT deposited there by Avery’s bleeding finger, but by an applicator of some kind

What you need to remember when dealing with any guilter is that not a single one of them qualify for any sort of expertise in this, or ANY, wrongful conviction case.

Avery supporters quote respected experts in their fields when discussing the case. Guilters will take anything – decades old studies, earnest experiments by students, opinions from alleged attorneys that have as much experience in wrongful conviction/exoneration cases as you or I do – to support their bucket of lies.

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