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Facts “Left Out” of the Documentary

Documentary Facts - Making A Murderer

The Documentary Included the Majority of Important Facts

Ken Kratz's Blatant LiesAvery antagonists (better known and loved as “guilters”) have lately resumed their vehement protest of the Making a Murderer Documentary; you know, the one that came out TWO YEARS ago. This oddly timed protest started again back in November of 2017; Ken Kratz created a YouTube channel to “prove” that the documentary was deceptive.

Anyone who’s done any research into the actual trial and investigation knows that message was NOT left on the Barb (Janda) Tadych answering machine; Teresa Halbach knew what exactly WHERE she was going into relation to any appointment on the Avery compound; that message was left on George & JoEllen Zipperer’s answering machine – she’d never been THERE before.

Of course, there are currently some questions as to WHERE the ACTUAL Zipperer message ended up …

Whether there were facts left out of the documentary, Jerome Buting states in his 01/15/2016 interview with The Rolling Stone: “Not to any fault of the filmmakers, but we’re talking about a six-week trial. They had five or six hundred hours of tape that they had to condense into ten, so certain decisions have to be made.”

Important Information “Left Out” of the Documentary

as stated by bobmarc2011 on Reddit’s MakingAmurderer subReddit

All blood vials have a hole in the top – it’s how the blood gets in
Blood vials do indeed have holes in the top. Kathleen Zellner has acquiesced to the fact that the sample she’s tested, purported to have come from the RAV, WAS Steven Avery’s. The repetition of this fact is unnecessary and muddies the details. It also seems to shoot the evidence planting theory in the the foot. However, even though a nurse would have testified to making the original hole, the fact is there’s no way to know if someone accessed the blood in the vial afterwards.

The evidence seal on the blood vial’s box was broken in a meeting with Avery’s own lawyers from his wrongful conviction suit
Manitowoc County DA E. James Fitzgerald said that he opened the box after both sides were given permission to study the evidence from Avery’s previous trial. Again, another, so what? Not a fact of guilt or innocence.

The FBI released a report stating the detection levels of their EDTA test; EDTA testing had been improved since it’s invention, and the test was reliable
According to this article in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, FBI chemist Marc LeBeau reported that a quickly developed test had failed to detect EDTA in three of the six stains. LeBeau concluded “within a reasonable degree of scientific certainty” that EDTA was absent from all six stains even though three of them were NEVER tested.

According to the experts in the above article, without extensive research and analysis of this question — research the FBI could not have conducted in the limited time available — it is difficult to assess the validity of Mr. LeBeau’s conclusion.

The bullet with Teresa’s DNA on it was linked to the exact gun that hung over Avery’s bed
William Newhouse, a gun expert with the Wisconsin State Crime Lab, said he couldn’t conclusively link the bullet found in a crack in Avery’s garage to a .22-caliber rifle seized from his bedroom, but the bullet found under an air compressor in Avery’s garage was LIKELY fired from it. That was the bullet that a state DNA expert said had Halbach’s remnants on it.

There was no DNA on the gun, no blood blow-back that you’d get from shooting someone at that close range and no blood mist/spatter around the garage that would also be present had someone been shot in the garage.

Christopher Palenik, who has done work in some of the world’s most high-profile cases, including the killing of Jon Benet Ramsey, the Atlanta Child Murders and the Green River Killings, did testing on the bullet in question. It is his opinion that Halbach was NOT shot in the head with a.22 caliber long rifle bullet

That bullet WAS damaged by something. According to forensic test results, it hit a piece of manufactured wood, not a human skull. Before it came to rest in the garage, it was contaminated with a red liquid, possibly paint.

In further testing, Lucien Haag, a former criminalist with over 50 years experience in the field of forensic firearms examination, also examined the bullet and is prepared to testify that had the bullet traveled into Halbach’s skull, it would have contained embedded fragments of bone, which were not present.

Regardless what guilters will tell you, experts who have worked their entire lives to build a respectable reputation across the country and in some cases the world, will NOT jeopardize their professional standing by allowing an attorney to lie or twist their findings. The integrity and honesty attached to their names are something that people who lie and twist the truth cannot comprehend.

The process of crushing a car takes hours, requires a lot of preparations and is very noisy. Avery couldn’t have done it without his brothers noticing
This is true, but since the RAV WASN’T crushed, who cares. A better question? Had Avery murdered Halbach on the property, would he have been stupid enough to park her vehicle on a ridge above the other 4000 cars amongst vehicles known to be part of his own collection?

Lenk and Colborn were not named in Avery’s lawsuit, and the county was not being sued for $36 mil. Vogel and Kocourek, who had both retired, were named in the suit and being sued for the majority of the money
I will repeat this as many times as necessary. Steven Avery filed suit against Manitowoc County, Tom Kocourek and Denis Vogel, seeking $36 million in damages in order to redress his wrongful conviction and imprisonment for the felony crimes of sexual assault, attempted murder, and false imprisonment.

Lenk and Colborn had both been deposed in Avery’s lawsuit, and Avery’s civil lawyers were weighing whether to add Lenk, Colborn or Sheriff Ken Petersen as co-defendants to their still-developing civil rights lawsuit against Manitowoc County, partly based on their videotaped depositions from mid-October 2005.

Had Teresa Halbach not been murdered and Avery charged with that murder, would Lenk & Colborn have been named in the lawsuit. We’ll never know now will we? Funny how that worked out.

It was Kocourek’s personal insurance that was refusing to cover his liability, not Manitowoc County’s. Manitowoc County’s insurance did not refuse to cover the lawsuit, and in fact did pay out when the case was settled. The lawsuit was not a financial threat to the county
I am gonna be totally honest here and tell you that I don’t have a clear answer to this. The closest I can come to any kind of reasonable answer is this article from The CLM and this post from MakingAMurderer on Reddit. There are a lot of damn numbers and it makes my head hurt.

An underage female relative of Avery’s accused him of sexually assaulting her […]
I’m not going to address this except to say that charges were never filed in this situation.

Teresa’s phone, camera, and PDA were found in a burn barrel on Avery’s property
They were. There is no evidence that Avery touched these items.

Robert Fabian, a friend of Earl Avery’s, stated he saw Steven between 4:30-5pm on 10/31, freshly showered with a change of clothes, acting very strangely, and having a fire in the burn barrel where Teresa’s electronics were found
Not evidence of a murder

Avery called Teresa twice on October 31, using *67 to hide his number. He called again at 4:35pm, this time not using *67. At this time, her phone was already off and had presumably been destroyed. Those were the only calls that day he used *67 when dialing
No one knows WHY Avery called with *67, but doing so doesn’t prove suspicious behavior on Avery’s part

Police records show Avery had a history of violence against women, including beating, strangling, death threats, attempted abduction at gunpoint, two allegations of rape, and one allegation of groping underage neighborhood girls. He admitted to abusing Lori and his children in family court
Before 1985 Avery was convicted of burglary, animal cruelty and assault. Period

Avery states in the documentary Lori took his kids away from him. In fact, a judge issued a court order barring his kids from seeing him, saying “He has huge anger. He has real potential to harm people, and he’s not dealt with any of that.”
Not evidence of a murder. If everyone who has huge anger issues and doesn’t deal with them commits murder there will be a lot of dead people laying around

Kayla’s counselor testified Kayla had come to them in January 2006 saying she was scared of Steven, and he had asked one of her cousins to help move a body. This was before police had re-interviewed Kayla or Brendan
A teenager with a bad case of the “teenagers” (i.e., overactive imagination and wanting to be a part of the story) and hearsay. She later recanted on the stand.

The bullet was found on the first thorough search of the garage, and previously they had not even moved equipment out to search under it
Utter bullshit. This bullet was found approximately 6 months after the initial searches.

The key was found on the second search of the trailer; the previous entries the documentary claimed were “searches” were: a 10-minute sweep to look for any sign of Teresa alive, an entry to retrieve the guns seen on the initial sweep, an entry to get the serial number from Steven’s computer for use in a warrant, and the crime lab luminol testing the residence. The first search was cut short as it was 10:30pm, and when they continued the search, they found the key
Spin the entries into the trailer as hard as you can, the key was found after numerous entries into the trailer

Steven’s brother Earl saw him about two hours after Teresa’s appointment, freshly showered with a change of clothes, acting stiff and quiet and moving equipment into his garage
Not evidence of a murder

In Steven’s earliest interviews, he first claims Teresa came into his trailer, where he paid her and she left. Once the car is found, he changes his story and claims he went to her car to pay her
Halbach’s DNA was never found inside Avery’s trailer; no evidence of a sexual assault or homicide was present. The state had nothing linking Avery to Halbach, other than a copy of Auto Trader and his statement that she had been to his property that day.

Also in Steven’s earliest interviews, he lies about his activities on 10/31. He denies having used the burn barrel or burn pit recently. He claims to have spent most of the afternoon and evening alone in his trailer, not going back to work without informing anyone, which was very rare for him. He says he was in bed by 9pm. However, multiple witnesses see him using both the barrel and pit, and there is a recorded phone call from 9pm where he tells Jodi Brendan is over and they’ve been doing some cleaning. The bones and electronics and bullet had not been found yet, so it’s unclear why an innocent man would lie about having fires and cleaning his garage with his nephew
A person’s memory skills and how their answers about certain events are interpreted are not evidence of murder

In Brendan’s Nov 6 interview, he also lies about spending the night with Avery. He says he went over to Avery’s to help push a car into the garage, but went home to eat supper alone and did not see Steven again until the next morning. Again, it is unclear why someone who had no idea there was a body in the fire would lie about having a bonfire with his uncle
Absolutely nothing said by Brendan Dassey at any time from October 31, 2005 until April 25, 2007 can be proven as truth. There were interviews (interrogations) where Brendan was coerced and his words were twisted and statements were put in his mouth.

Edited to add: Two years later the documentary is all but irrelevant. Many of the “facts” stated by guilters as being left out of the documentary, are outright lies, been expertly disproven or in no way evidence that Avery murdered Teresa Halbach.

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