Big Mouth British C*nt

Guilters: The Schoolyard Bullies of the Internet

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My Last Word on These Wastes of Air While waiting for my blood to be drawn this morning I was thinking about the fat-assed, big mouth bleached “natural“, blond from Britain who’d gotten me kicked off Twitter again, her foul-mouthed Yankee fan buddy who claims to “Dad of the Year” while spitting some of the […]

Forum Hackers

Social Engineering – They Really ARE Out to Get Us

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Social Engineering: “Things you need: an insight into the human mind, thinking how it can be manipulated, knowing how people think or act in certain situations and lastly, I think you need to be very strong socially. I read somewhere it’s not much different from trying to exploit a computer system: making a system (mind) […]

Avery Guilters

Guilters – Current Public Dassey/Avery Problem

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Guilters Are the Defense’s Biggest Public Problem While they seem to be losing a bit of traction in the past month, falling back on “facts” from two years ago that have been discredited by solid legal documents and science, “guilters” continue to reference the documentary and the information from that documentary that is being proven […]

Stupid Guilters

Know Thine Enemy

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Consensus Cracking (look it up for those of you not familiar with the term) Bring in a newb account to ask seemingly interested and “on the fence” questions. Checking that account’s post history will invariably prove one of three things: * it’s a brand new account * it’s an old account with not one bit […]

Netflix Making a Murderer

Facts “Left Out” of the Documentary

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Whether there were facts left out of the documentary, Jerome Buting states in his 01/15/2016 interview with The Rolling Stone: “Not to any fault of the filmmakers, but we’re talking about a six-week trial. They had five or six hundred hours of tape that they had to condense into ten, so certain decisions have to be made.”

Steven Avery

Lack of Public Awareness – Steven Avery Is Innocent

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After reading this post from a year and a half ago about the Golden State Killer, three sentences stood out to me: Lack of public awareness. Lack of accurate information in the public eye. Lack of communication. This is the exact problem that exists with the Steven Avery/Brendan Dassey case (aka the Making A Murderer […]