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Conflict of Interest in Manitowoc County

Despite telling the public that Manitowoc would recuse themselves due to conflict of interest, Calumet Co. allowed employees of MCSO to participate in the investigation of Teresa Halbach’s disappearance. In fact, Manitowoc Co employees were on-scene when nearly every key piece of evidence was found.

Why did then Calumet County Sheriff Jerry Pagel find it necessary to have a press conference to make a point:

[…]the Manitowoc County Sheriff Department’s role in this investigation was to provide resources for us when they were needed. As we needed items on the property to conduct searches, they provided that piece of equipment and that’s their role and their only role in this investigation […]

No one asked for that information; was it likely in 2005 that it would have crossed the public’s mind that it was improper for a county, who was currently being sued Avery to participate in the investigation in ANY capacity?

Someone apparently thought so; Pagel very eagerly volunteered Calumet County’s intended honorable and righteous actions. He made it VERY CLEAR to the public that Manitowoc County would have only a peripheral role in the investigation.If Calumet needed resources or personnel, why even chance a hint of impropriety? Why not ask one of five other counties that border on Calumet for assistance?

Outagamie and Brown Counties had both dealt with high profile missing female cases in fairly recent history, the disappearances of Laurie Depies and Amber Wilde, surely THEIR experts would have been of some help

Of course, that was 12 years ago, it easier to get away with … just about anything. Pagel & Co were confident that the public would never know the difference.

Now the WORLD is watching. And wondering.

And not buying the bullshit