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Lies, Lies and Bald-Faced Lies

I have a certain kind of respect for some anti-Avery propagandists, but I have an extreme dislike for LIES. There are those who truly believe in his guilt, despite growing evidence to the contrary, others are doing a job, some are just batshit crazy and some are weird-o hybrids of all three.

Then you have out and out BLATANT liars.

It’s common and indisputable knowledge that the 2005 “investigation” into Teresa Halbach’s murder was a complete comedy of errors – deliberate or not. I fall firmly in the group of people who believe that any errors were deliberate and not errors at all, but that belief isn’t relevant to today’s post.

This case is fucked up enough without self-serving idiots looking to make a dime from this travesty of justice throwing obvious, glaring lies out into the Internet.

Today’s “Liar of the Week” award goes to the buttmunch who styles him/herself as The Dionysus Group. What the hell the Greek God of Fertility and wine making (among others) has to do with this case is beyond me, but there it is. No accounting for peoples’ stupidity.

TDG claims that Avery defense attorney Jerome Buting lied when he said there were no rub-marks on Avery’s bedposts, caused by Teresa Halbach allegedly being bound to the bed.

He/she then throws up this obviously doctored photo to prove his/her point:

Lies About Avery's Bed -Doctored Image

What this idiot claims to be “rub-marks” is the glare from the flash of the camera; it’s reflected in the same area of every reflective surface in the photo.

Don’t quit your day job, TDG, you have no future as an investigative writer.

“Liar of the Week” may or may not be a regular feature of this blog, depending on how often my head pops off due to the preposterous bullshit I come across in the course of a week.