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Swayed By a “Television Show”?

Don’t be swayed by the people who tell you that you were swayed by a “television show”

Making A Murderer” wasn’t a fictional, scripted television show, it was a low-budget documentary made by two filmmakers that had NO IDEA what they were getting into in the the little town of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. They had no agenda, no backers and no cooperation from the prosecution. Truth of the matter, Ken Kratz and company tried to shut down production of the documentary early on by claiming they were NOT journalists, but in reality working for the defense and as such demanded that they turn their footage over to the prosecution.

Had that happened, discovery of what really went on in Manitowoc County in 2005 might never have come to light.

Guilters claim that the documentary was “dishonest” and created to “suck the soul” out of the viewing public with clever editing, creative manipulation and lies. They claim that the entire viewing public fell for the “television show” the same way suckers fell for P.T. Barnum’s marketing. In other words, there’s a fool born every minute. Of course, because they are smarter than the average viewer, Guilters realized the manipulative plan and realized that Steven Avery was guilty as hell and they’re STILL pissed off that the documentary “fooled” not only them, but the viewing public at large. They’ve taken it upon themselves to save us from ourselves.

The public has a right to know the truth of what happened in 2005-2007, but are accused not only of being gullible and stupid, but of having a hatred of law enforcement in particular and the government in general. We are “conspiracy theorists”.

What kind of adult lets their soul get sucked out by a documentary? Better question, what kind of putz “admits” that? The kind that hides behind the anonymity of an Internet message board and claim to be attorneys and experts.

The simple truth is that the documentary was an entryway for interested viewers to start doing their own research into the case. What they found rightfully shocked and appalled them, especially the viewers from Wisconsin (myself included). After reading documents that most people don’t realize are available to the public (trial transcripts, phone logs, law enforcement reports and call logs) viewers of the documentary began to see that some kind of fuckery went on in Manitowoc County in October of 2005 and continued well into 2007 when the sham of a trial ended. The investigation and trial were rife with unethical procedural behavior, absence of known protocol, blatant lies and what may potentially be the biggest cover-up in the history of Wisconsin.

Clever editing had no part in Ken Kratz’s actions during the investigation and trial; his own less than savory personality and his mind-numbingly sensational press conferences, not the least of which the one where he admonished children under the age of 15 years old not to watch or listen to the events that were about to unfold during his 25-minute session – which of course ensured that ANYONE with a television would sit glued in front of it while he lied and embellished a scenario that was never proven.

Kratz has since claimed to have “given a lot of thought” to that press conference, in order to “to spare the victim’s family from having all of the details” and he’d hoped “the media would not choose to release all of the disturbing details”. Given that he was facing the cameras and audio recorders of every large media outlet in NE Wisconsin, I’d say he’s full of shit. He knew exactly what he was doing: getting into the heads of the prospective jury pool. Randy Ritnour, a veteran former criminal prosecutor: “There is absolutely no purpose for any of this stuff that Ken Kratz did.” Other attorneys and court analysts agree: Prosecutor Kratz’s behavior was inappropriate and according to Steve Drizen, in an article in the Huffington Post, “destroyed both Mr. Avery’s and my client’s “presumption of innocence.”

In an effort to ridicule and discredit “truthers”, “guilters” claim that we are conspiracy theorists, gullible, paranoid delusionals, haters of law enforcement and otherwise mentally challenged. It’s deliberately disingenuous to suggest that thousands of people, having not only watched the documentary, but gone on to deeper research, are for lack of a better word, stupid.

Not everyone was “duped” by “Making A Murderer”. I watched the whole thing unfold from day one. I was here a decade before the documentary and I was here before Kathleen Zellner took Avery’s case. I have not read anything to change my first opinion of the case – fuckery happened in Manitowoc in October 2005 and it wasn’t conducted by Avery. My first initial belief has only been strengthened by the things I’ve learned since 2005.

Guilters don’t hate the documentary because it was manipulative and soul-sucking; they hate the documentary because it lifted the dirty stinking skirts of Manitowoc County so everyone could see her filthy quim.