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Loof & the Trail to the Gravel Pit

I’ve spent the day, off and on, in the salt mines (The Reddit Making A Murderer Board).

For lack of anything more interesting, one of the #SG asked why we as a group had stopped being interested in K9 Loof’s day at Avery Salvage Yard once we discovered that the dog alerted on not a trailer owned by Joshua Radandt, but by Steven Avery’s trailer.

And so it began.

In the course of posting, my mind began to wander, as it’s wont to do. In my mind I followed K9 Loof; from the van, to a pick-up truck, to the garage.

K9 Loof wanted to go around back of the garage, was intimidated by Bear (remember this, I’ll come back to it), but wanted to keep going.

Instead K9 Loof went to one of the trailer doors, wanted to enter but continued to an area between some pine trees and a burning barrel.

K9 Loof went to a “picked” cornfield. To the south was a gravel pit and between the cornfield and the gravel pit was an area with brush and trees. K9 Loof worked this area with indications of very strong scent. K9 Loof worked west, coming to a cul-de-sac that was taped off and two deputies were not allowing access. A phone call to Sheriff Pagel put a stop to K9 Loof’s shift.

There was a very obvious trail between Avery’s trailer and what may have been on the other side of that police tape. Almost as if something that K9 Loof connected to Teresa Halbach had gone from the van to the truck to the garage where K9 Loof got intimidated by Bear. The thing that K9 Loof connected to Teresa Halbach went up to the back door of the trailer, toward a bun barrel, to a small stand of trees toward the gravel pit.

I wonder, Teresa Halbach, standing near the van, is being intimidated. She scoots over to the pick up truck, to the garage, gets scared by Bear, runs for the back door of the trailer, then … what?


I am fully aware of the implications of that little bit of wondering.

And don’t forget the back of the garage and Bear, as soon as I work out what’s niggling in the back of my brain there will be a post about THAT.

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