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Actual Evidence of Avery’s Guilt

What Guilters Hanging Their Hats On

There is NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE; there is a slippery, scattered layer of circumstantial and unsubstantiated evidence (feel free to correct anything I’m wrong about):

Steven Avery’s conflicting “stories” of what he did in the days leading to Teresa Halbach’s disappearance (people often say/do things that are inexplicable when under duress – ask MCSO)

Steven Avery was away from work the afternoon of Teresa Halbach’s disappearance (he LIVED on the property and could be found anywhere on the 40 acres on any given day)

Steven Avery “disguised” calls to Auto Trader in an attempt to lure Teresa Halbach to Avery Salvage Yard (fake phone transcripts debunked; impossible to “lure” someone to a place they’d been before by a person they’d worked with before)

Teresa Halbach’s vehicle found on Avery Salvage Yard (truth of how/when the RAV got to ASY being questioned; conveniently no view of the area during copter ride, several witnesses have come forward professing to have seen the RAV, one with and without and accompanying white Jeep, at least ONE of these witnesses made a report during the missing person phase 12 years ago)

Charred “remains” found in burn pit behind Steven Avery’s garage (no HARD evidence that purported “remains” were human, fuzzy photos and suspect testimony is the only “proof”)

Teresa Halbach’s personal effects found in property burn barrels (no HARD proof that SA placed these items anywhere)

Teresa Halbach’s car key “found” in Steven Avery’s bedroom (completely debunked as having been planted by others; possible planting of key being tossed off as unimportant by prosecution)

Steven Avery in “possession” of a gun purported to have killed Teresa Halbach (gun belonged to landlord, was it ever tested as having been recently discharged, tested for blowback, tested for ANYTHING)

Steven Avery mentioned cleaning the same day Teresa Halbach disappeared (no evidence of Teresa Halbach in either trailer OR garage; thick dust on furniture not removed by “cleaning”)

Steven Avery spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit (not evidence of a murder)

Steven Avery had a temper (not evidence of a murder)

Various opinions citing Steven Avery’s past abuse and fits of temper (not evidence of a murder)

A sexual assault claim by a teen-age relative that was never proven (not evidence of a murder)

Allegations of a 20 year old rape in Steven Avery’s home (not evidence of a murder)

Allegations that Steven Avery called a woman and suggested sex (not evidence of a murder)

Brendan Dassey’s “confession” (obvious coercion of a child with low IQ and a teenager’s penchant for trying to please adults in positions of power)

Was the last known person to see Teresa Halbach alive (new evidence suggesting that this is not true)

BLOOD IN THE RAV (NO PROOF of how this blood got in the vehicle and as long as the State keeps the RAV from the defense, cannot be considered PROOF of anything)

The goddam cat (a forty year old incident that is clearly not evidence of predilection to murder, as no one else involved went on to murder anyone)