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Labeled Map of ASY Area

There are questions about whether this particular “turnaround” is the one where the RAV was spotted. There are some who think it may have been in town behind a local tavern which butts up to the river, which makes no sense.

Using logic, with this area being closest to Avery Salvage Yard (not to mention OTHER residences), this is the ONLY logical “turnaround” for the RAV to have been spotted. By anybody

It would ALSO be the area that Kevin Rahmlow reported to Colborn. Rahmlow was driving west on 147 and logic dictates he told Colborn when he saw him at the Cenex when he was RETURNING from wherever he was traveling to. IIRC, Rahmlow was visiting, but from the area originally. How many times in that time frame did he pass that turnaround and see the RAV?

We don’t know. Colborn “can’t remember” what he did that day. How did ALL of Colborn’s memory lapses NOT cause a mistrial? Or at the very LEAST questions? Why was he not expected to produce proof of what he did that day?

These are basics, just damn basics, that should have been addressed years ago.