An Unfortunate Side Effect

Some people are of the opinion that Kathleen Zellner is pretty fecking smart, nearly all of us agree that she’s good at her job. There there are the rest of you … if you are under the age of 15, yada, yada, yada

All joking aside, Zellner is the pro here. She has more experience in wrongful conviction cases than anybody else involved, including the State of WI.

She only has to answer to one person and that person, if the phone call of 10/24 is indication, is fully aware of what she’s doing.

If anything she’s done was illegal, I would think that someone from the State would have started proper procedures to have her removed.

IANAL, but that’s what I think.

In any event, she seems to be the Queen of Misdirection. She calls our attention (and that of anybody involved) to a person or action and while we’re all losing our shit, whoever or whatever she’s really working on is being straightened out.

Fire with fire and all that happy crappy.

Good on her. And tough titty to the State of Wisconsin. Wouldna done no shit, wouldn’t be no shit