Steven Avery

Actual Evidence of Avery’s Guilt

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What Guilters Hanging Their Hats On There is NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE; there is a slippery, scattered layer of circumstantial and unsubstantiated evidence (feel free to correct anything I’m wrong about): Steven Avery’s conflicting “stories” of what he did in the days leading to Teresa Halbach’s disappearance (people often say/do things that are inexplicable when under […]

Wiping A Vehicle

Wiping the RAV Clean

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That’s the thing I’ve been thinking about since the hood latch- wiping the RAV clean. With scientific testing getting exponentially more sophisticated, would it be POSSIBLE to wipe the RAV down without detection? If it’s possible to discover the ratio of road grime/pollen isn’t quantitatively in line with what should be there, wouldn’t it be […]