2007 Trial

In Defense of the Defense

Buting & Strang had the misfortune to come up against the most corrupt and morally bankrupt psychopath of their career, right here in little bitty Manitowoc, WI. The prosecutor was backed and bankrolled by more of the same, except his bosses didn’t have the guts and lack of soul to do what Ken Kratz did.

Ken Kratz was the catalyst; there are other equally to blame, there are others that are smarter (don’t think for one minute that I don’t believe he ISN’T smart). Ken Kratz, however, was/is the one that had the necessary lack of morals, the ethical bankruptcy and the mountainous arrogance to carry this shit through to the end.

And still to this day, Ken Kratz can’t keep his mouth SHUT.

As recently as mid-September Ken Kratz has referred to his presence at Avery Salvage Yard, at the discovery of the RAV, as a “murder scene”. His actual quote: “Yes. 3 prosecutors there at 1pm, and ADA JF also at the scene later. DA’s often at homicide scenes to handle warrants and advise.

WAS it a homicide scene at 1pm? Is that true? Given the time-line put forth by the prosecution, how could it BE true?

Prosecution charges at Steven Avery’s trail that Teresa Halbach was dead by 3:45 on October 31.

Prosecution charges Brendan Dassey’s trial that Teresa Halbach was screaming audibly at 4:30 and in the fire by 5pm on October 31.

No matter how “legal” that scenario might be, it is NOT POSSIBLE for TWO people to commit TWO completely crimes against ONE person.

It is not possible for someone to be screaming for their lives inside a metal box, in the daylight, on a piece of property where were other people within hearing range and NO ONE HEARS THE SCREAMS. “In space no one can hear you scream.” Avery Salvage Yard is not space, someone would have heard the screams. Someone besides Brendan Dassey. It’s illogical and foolish to say otherwise.

It is not possible to have a fire of the intensity needed to decimate a human body, with blood and organs, to ash in that time frame without someone seeing, or more importantly, SMELLING that fire. The smell of burning rubber would not have masked the puke-inducing stench of burning flesh.

Avery Salvage is NOT located in a desolate, god-forsaken acreage out in the middle of nowhere, it is less than a mile from a highly traveled state highway. A highway where, from 2:30-8pm, commuters from work in Green Bay and Appleton would be traveling (there is a Park & Ride just off Hwy 147 created for these commuters), where school buses would be on their routes, where rural families would be trundling their kids to trick or treat in neighboring towns, villages and municipalities.

The opposition cries foul in regards to the documentary, and the filmmakers. The actual truth, what REALLY happened to justice, was so much worse than the film could put into ten short hours.